Audit Committee

The Audit Committee was established in April 2017 and held its inaugural committee on the 29 June 2017.
The committee consists of three Trustees. There are no staff as members of the committee although staff can be invited to present at the committee.
Some of the committee responsibilities include:
  • undertake such activities as deemed necessary in order to provide assurance to the Trust Board regarding the management and identification of risk, and the sound management and control of the Trust's finances and other resources.
  • ensure that the Trust abides by all requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook (AFH)
  • identify the risk to internal financial controls across the Trust and agree a programme of work that will address risks, inform the statement of internal control and, so far as is possible, provide assurance to the external auditors.
  • ensure there is continuous and sufficient review of the risks. It must agree a programme of work that will address the risks identified and determine the most appropriate method of doing so.
  • drive the process for independent checking of financial controls, systems, transactions and contracts. It should ensure that arrangements for protecting the Trust's assets are in place. The committee's oversight must extend to the financial controls and risks at all individual schools within the Trust.
  • ensure the information submitted to the DfE and EFA that affect funding, including pupil number returns and funding claims completed by the Trust and Trust schools are accurate and in compliance with funding criteria.

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