Chief Executive Officer

Mike Foley
Interim Chief Executive Officer and Accounting Officer
Commenced: 1 September 2021
Declarations of Interest: to follow
Message from Mike Foley, CEO of Wessex MAT
As we proceed towards the end of term, it is a timely moment to update you on the progress of the merger between GTAT and the Wessex MAT. The target date for GTAT to join Wessex remains 1st September and everyone is working very hard to meet that date.
At this stage, and following all the various permissions that have to be agreed, the process is mainly a legal one working alongside the professionals.
We are hoping that the final DfE approval for transfer will be agreed in August. 
Paul Chadwick
Executive Headteacher

Tenure ceased: 31 August 2021

Declarations of Interest: Nil

T. 01305 849077 E.