Performance and Standards Committee

The Performance and Standards Committee have the following remit:
  • guide and support the Trust Board in fulfilling its legal and regulatory responsibilities for the education of pupils in ways that are appropriate to the Trust's vision and values
  • guide and support the Trust Board in understanding and responding to government policy, best practice, research and innovation in the education of pupils
  • review and recommend to Full Trust Board the academy performance targets, plans and reviews proposed by the Local Governing Bodies
  • review, monitor and approve policies relating to education of pupils implemented by the Local Governing Bodies
  • identify, understand and share good practice between member academies
  • review and monitor policies and plans for the use of pupil premium funding
Membership of the Committee:
  • Mark Sandercock, Chair
  • Keith Campbell
  • Accounting Officer
  • Mary Miles

T. 01305 849077 E.